Game On!

Favorite Games
I may not play no where as much as I use to, but these where my favorites;
Destruction Derby RAW, Team Fortress 2, Gang Garisson 2,
Battlefield: 1942, Unreal Tournament 99/04, Vigilante 8: Second Offence,
Midtown Madness, Worms Armageddon, and Carmageddon 2

Current on-line names: Alex_Dynamite, ShotgunAlex, AlexArrow


CWA Board - A terrific message board formed around the game Carmageddon.
Newgrounds - Lots of great Flash-based games can be found here.
EyeOne - Top-notch Java games. Check out the Burning Metal ones!

Inspite of the reputation it had, I actualy liked this game, thought for me, it was more about the free roam driving
and the destruction of vehicles. However, it eventualy came to the point that I played it because it was the only game
that I could make my own vehicles for. I don't do much of that either now, but there is still a chance of it happening again.

Poison Arrow
Based on a 1978 Plymouth Arrow, modified Carmagedon-style.
Bring some antidote.
Battlax 2
Return of the Battlax.(Carmageddon 2)
A much improved version of my first vehicle.
Green & Black Megative
Green and Black skin for Econobrick's Megative GT.(Carmageddon 2)
Lil Red Express
'78 Dodge Lil Red Express Truck skin for TTR's Clenched Fist(Carmageddon 2)
'51 Suburban School Bus
Rusty School Bus skin for Autopilot's '51 Chevy Suburban.(Carmageddon 2)
My first Carma.2 vehicle! It's an armed & armoured '74 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.(Carmageddon 2)
BATTLAX - Moldy Skin
A Camo-like skin for my Battlax.
Customized S10
A customized Chevy S-10 I did for a model modding contest of which I won.
Meg Dog Tanker
A tanker truck mod of TTR's Meg Dog Cab Over Truck.
(Note: the actual truck differs from the picture displayed.)
The Wall
A strange idea I made for fun.
Zombie Transport
If zombies could drive...they'd drive undead hot rods?
A skin of Autopilot's Chevy Suburban.
What would an off-road hot rod be like? This is my idea.
One Horse Sleigh
It's a one-horse sleigh. Get it?
A little something I made for Christmas. Uses the oulining trick.
'51 Suburban Bus Mod
I decided to turn the prevoius skin into a full mod.
'51 Chev Panel 4x4
Go ahead, get dirty.
A mod of Autopilot's Chevy Suburban.
Police APC Skin
A Police-themed skin for the converted Half-Life APC.
A much darker S.W.A.T. version.
BCP Skin Pack
A pack of BCP(Beaver County/City Police) skins for varoius vehicles.

  -Gang Garrison 2
I didn't play this for long, but I did attempt to make one map during that time.

CTF Facing
A Map I made for Gang Garrison 2. It's based on the CTF Face maps from
the Unreal Tournament games.