A.k.a. Vehicles


Vehicles I currently own

Curently driving:

1978 Plymouth Arrow
with 1.6L engine, 4-speed manual transmission.
My Summer ride.
My first car and I restored it.

Big Blue Rig:
1953 GMC 9700 HD '3 ton' with tilting grain box.
Engine swapped for a '66 Chevy 292.

'86 Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon SR5
My winter car.

Little Red Wagon
A small trailer for my cars.

'80 Jeep J10
A 4x4 pickup I got for the purpose of helping people in the winter.

Past vehicles I use to own

1989 GMC 1500 "Vandura" van
with 305 v8 and 3-speed automatic.
An old camper-turned-cargo van.
I painted it and did a bunch of other little things to it.
It was a good van, but I wasn't using it much anymore.

A 1991 Datsun D21 "Hardbody" truck
with 2.4L engine, 5-speed transmission
and "King Cab" body in dark blue paint.
It's the 'beater' I don't need to worry about scratching.

[no photo]

1991 GMC S15 Jimmy 4x4
My "Cheap Jeep" and "Winter Beater".

1988 Plymouth Reliant LE

Engine: 2.5 inline four. Transmission: 3-speed automatic.

I owned this car back in 2007. I was working on the Arrow, so I needed another car. I ended up finding this car for sale just down the street I lived on. I got it for five hundred bucks. It was a lot better than most of the other vehicles I was finding around the same price range, which mostly consisted of rusty Geo Metros.
I actualy liked the car(I dodn't get the reputation many people have given these old K cars). I did have a problem with a sensor, but that was a very easy fix. I bought a new sensor for $25, took the distributor cap off, unpluged and lifted out old sensor, pluged in and placed new sensor, and put distributor cap back on. No more problems!
I wasn't much for the auto transmition, but it was good for around the city.
When we moved, I had to choose between the Reliant or the Arrow(couldn't take both). I chose to keep the Arrow and gave the Reliant to my Aunt(she helped us move and was needing a car). She had a cooling system problem(though it still ran fine in spite of this?) and sold it to a friend. He fixed it up and then resold it. He told me it was still running like a top! Infact, I still see it driving around.


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