1978 Plymouth Arrow

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4G32 Saturn






1.6L / 1597cc / 97cid


Front Engine / Rear Drive 


83 hp / 89 lb\ft












Curb Weight  

995 kg / 2194 lb  

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Click to view more specifications.

Me and My Arrow

     This is my first car. I got it back in 2005, after graduating High School(second time, actually. I had gone back and did some upgrading). I was looking for a job and I was told about a guy in town that did audio & video recording & editing. I went and seen him and found myself helping him out. However, because he didn't get any money until any of his work was done and handed off to the customers, he was having trouble paying me. So he gave me the car! I don't know why, but he seemed to trust me with the car, as he had told me about how he's had many people offer to buy it from him. It may of had something to do with how he'd tell me that most buyers were teenagers that wanted to hot rod it. After I got my full license(yeah, I had my learners for a while), I began driving it whenever I could.

     I eventually did a bunch of moving. I drove it there and continued using it until the plates ran out. After that, I began to slowly work on it, starting with the body. That lasted until we moved again. I drove it for part of the way, then put it on a trailer. There wasn't any problems, I just didn't want to put all the extra wear on it, due to being a long trip. Sadly, the place we moved to didn't have a garage, so it spent a winter under a tarp. Thankfully, we didn't stay there for long. After a couple more moves, I was able to make friends with a man that helped me paint it. Then after the most recent move, I was able to put it back on the road! I won't ever do that much moving ever again...

     It's been a pretty good car to me. I've had to replace the starter on it, but that was just because it was worn out. I also replace the valve seals. Though still not like new, it runs great!

     I am working towards restoring it, with a little bit of customization. Most of the customization will be visual, such as a custom paint job, but even then, it will still look mostly original. I'm currently unsure what I want to do with the drivetrain, though I do know I would like to switch the four speed manual to a five speed manual. I'm currently leaning towards keeping it original, as it still runs great and is excellent on fuel, without being too slow.

This is the look I was working towards. When deciding on paint jobs, I had drawen the car on the computer, then changed the colors & designs numerous times untill finaly deciding on this. Here is how it look previously:

Here's a small collection of old Arrow advertisements I found on the internet.
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