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Toshiba-3 Network Give thanks to Toshiba for the great web space!
Jalopnik A website that is litterly "Obsessed with the cult of cars".
My favorite automotive website, though I don't like the change to the commenting system.
DeviantART My prevoiusly use and no longer updated gallery.
Please disregard the name, it's an old one and they charge to have it changed.
CWA Board A message board I frequent. It is mainly about the game Carmageddon,
but other games, vehicles and art are also common topics.
MOCpages A place to show off your "LEGO" creations. Goes to my collection,
although it's been ages since I updated.
Should get those old Legos out again...
Cool Rides Online Have my vehicles here.

More Links

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Comic Rocket An extensive directory of comics/graphic stories online. Yes, I have mine listed.
Belfry WebComics Index Another big listing of webcomics. Also have mine listed here.
The Webcomic List The name says it all. Again, listed here. A free online Dictionary. There's also a Thesaurus.
There, I Fixed it. A site showing fix-it jobs that straddle the line of ingenious and stupid.
FontFace A very nice collection of free fonts.
MySmilies A large collection of Smilies/Emoticons, all with the convenience of direct linking.
Modern Firearms A site filled with information on numerous firearms.
Yeah, I use to be into that stuff. Now, it's to reserch for stories and other fiction.
Facebook My place on Facebook. I don't use it much, though.

More links can be found in the Gaming and Vehicles sections.