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By Alex Rockey

Deliveries, moves, hauls, dumping and more!

Whatever you need, I'm here to help!

Little Red Wagon
Small open trailer for use with the car.
Cost efficient option for small loads.
Size: 5'x 3'10".
Both back and front can be opened for longer loads.
Hand winch, tie-downs, tarp & ramps also available.
Hinged; able to be tipped, like a dump box.

Big Blue Rig
3-ton grain truck with dumping box.
14'x 7.5' with 4' sides and 4' from the ground.
Open top with tarp option and removable rear wall.
Now with a tarp, ramp and a winch hoist/mini crane!
(Currently no trailer hitch; in the works.)
Best for refuse, recycle, large or heavy hauls.
Might be put away for the winter, depending on
what I can do about the tires (need changed).

Four By Forange
4x4 1/2 ton pickup.
Front mounted truck winch.
Ball hitch (2 sizes) & 4-pin flat plug.
Enclosed cargo box (Converted camper.)
Good for medium loads, 4x4 uses and
items needing protection from weather/wind.

(Planning on making the camper removable.)

Other tools and equipment: Regular hand truck, appliance hand truck,
dollies, wheelbarrow, loading ramps, riding lawnmower, hand winch,
ropes/tiedowns, vehicle rescue ropes, jumper cables, fuel cans, snowblower,
small generator, push mower with bag, A-frame tow bar, & more.

Summer: "Runt Red", small efficient hatchback.
"(Winter:) Wagon", efficient 4-door 4wd wagon.

Service is mainly in-town.
For outside town, add:
.49/km for car/trailer, .74/km for 4x4, or $1.49/km for 3-ton.
(For extra long distance, 100+km/1+hours, double the per km price.)

Quick Price Rundown:
Deliver: $20-$40, depending on vehicle used.
Garbage: 1/2 ton is $40 each, or 3-ton starts at
$60/load, then up in $20 increments, base on weight.
Loading labor is $25/h (per person if I bring help.)
Small Moves: $75 for 1 hour or $50/h for 2+ hours.
Other Jobs: $50 first hour, then $25 per hour.

By car/trailer: $19.99 ea.  4x4: $29.99 ea.  3-ton: $39.99 ea.
Parcel pick-up, drop-off, hotshot & more available.

Garbage, trash, debris, refuse, junk, and more.

Car or 1/2 ton: $39.99 each.
(Free drop-off items, like metal & rimless tires: $29.99ea.)
Trailer: $49.99 each.

3-ton truck:
Small/light: $59.99 each.
Medium: $79.99 each.
Big/heavy: $99.99 each.
Extra Large: $159.99 each.
XX Large & up = Landfill fee + $60 truck fee.

Loading labor charge:

Rather small/light loads: no extra charge.

I Load Alone:
Light to medium: $24.99 per hour.
Extra large or heavy loads: $100 per hour.

You Provide Help and/or Helpers:
Small/light: No extra charge.
Medium: $14.99 per hour.
Large/heavy: $24.99 per hour.
Large with lots of help (2+): $14.99 per hour.

I Bring Hired Help:
Medium: $24.99/h per person.
Heavy: $49.99/h per person.

*Note: Landfill charges by weight for the 3-ton truck or trailer.*

Small Size Moves
$74.99 for one hour, or
$49.99/h for 2+ hours.

Stuck Vehicle Help/Rescue
4x4 pickup with winter tires, front winch,
pull ropes, traction aids and more.
.99 ea. per trip/vehicle/job.

Boosting: $39
.99 ea. per trip/vehicle/job.

Out of town: add .74 per km.

Even More Help!
Anything you need help with that isn't listed?
Please call or message with details!
Pricing: $50 first hour, then $25/h.

Call or message to book your next job today!
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Work with, not against!
Do you have your own business or service?
I am willing to help you when needed!
Done so in a fair, cooperative & honest manner!
Call as needed or we can make a plan together!

Also willing to help with charities, fundraisers, events, etc.

Whatever you need, I'm here to help!

In order to keep prices low, I am unfortunately unable to provide any form of guarantees, insurance or similar. Upon using any of my services, it is agreed to waive any responsibility of damages upon myself. Even though I will try my best to avoid any damages, there is always a risk, and some may be outside of my control.