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2-5: Light the Way

One more cold weather themed story, this time based on Die Hard 2.

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2-5: Light the Way

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Cold Weather Outfits

About Team Attack:
This is my series of graphic stories about a team of six friends that are operating
their own business with the purpose to help other people. Anyone needing assistance can
hire them with jobs that would be too difficult and/or dangerous for themselves, but at the same
time, not something the police/emergency personnel/military would come out to do. If business
is slow, they will look for their own jobs to do, such as entering a competition or even doing
bounty hunting. Since they want to help people, they also do volunteer work, whether it be
helping out at a local event or assisting with a search and rescue. They all work together
to get the job done!

There is six individual members of the team, each with their own personalities, skills, tools,
and job responsibilities. Holt is the unclaimed leader. He is very serious, but caring guy who is
very good at climbing and traversing rough terrain. Terri is the fun-loving, attitude-fill,
but very loyal, pilot and explosives expert with a knack for improvising. Zach is the laid-back
gun expert with an eye for safety and an excellent swimmer. Tilda is a tall, blond female, who acts
as the muscle of the team. She also has an extensive knowledge of construction and metal work,
along with a hatred of stereotyping. Day is the newest member of the team and is eager to
help them. He is very fast with his mind and body, and skilled with electronics. He often
uses these skills to help the team, along with avoiding any fighting. Aisha is the team's own
Paramedic. She is an Australian native with extensive knowledge in natural medicines and vitamins,
and seems almost limitless in her ways of keeping people healthy and alive, often surprising people.
They all work together and use their combined skills to help anyone in need.

They started out graphicly, but switched to literature. It is planned for most of these stories to be very short, so they can be read fast like a comic strip, but there is the occasional time I go much farther with an idea. The first one(G.A.S.) is longer due to the fact it was originally meant to be another multi-page graphic story(comics). Since those didn't work out and took too long to make, I switched to literature. There will still be a few drawing to accompany them, though.

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