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More birds, please.


Inspired by my sister's bird version.

dragon 6x6 doodle

Again and with improvements.

International Flatbed 2

Bigger and better.

Custom '52 IH Flatbed

If I had a 1952 International L-series Flatbed truck, this is probably what I would do to it.

Pirate Caddy

A piratized Caddilac.

Dodge Dragon-Pen&Pencil

I had actualy done this up on the computer originaly, but I was having trouble getting to print properly, so I redrew it in pencil, pen, and colored pencil.

Dodge Dragon Redux

A dedux of the original Dodge Ram Dragon drawing.


A nomadic Jeep.

Custom Sports Car

A customized sports car with a "firey" paint job.

Custom S10

A customized Chevy S10.


A 1952 GMC truck with a post-apoc, "Mad Max" theme.

Apoc-Mobile Fortress

Post-apolcalyptic, mad max-style 'Mobile Fortress'.

Apoc-Pirate Bus

Post-apolcalyptic, mad max-style 'Land Pirates' bus.


Post-apolcalyptic, mad max-style light airplane.

Lincoln Town Tank

A tank of a car.

Dodge Ram Dragon

(Original design for the Dragon 6x6)
A modified Dodge Ram, inspired
by the 1997 Dodge T-rex concept.


Original pencil drawing
of the "WarOut".


Team Attack stories

Character Turnaround

Character "turnaround" sketches
of Holt, Zach, & Terry,
characters of mine. These are
older versions of them.

Terry - Anthro

An old "Anthro" version
of a character of
mine named Terry.


An old drawing of a
character of mine
named Holt.(Previously named Alex.)

Zach - Anthro

An old "Anthro" version
of a character of
mine named Zach.

Zach-Anthro Sketch

Pencil drawing of Zach
in anthro form.

Holt - Anthro

An old Anthropomorthic
version of Holt.



GMM-COSTCO Mix Smoothie

Inspired by the Good Mythical Morning episode with the Costco mix smoothie.

Ducks in Socks

Made as a birthday present.

Burning Bruner

I know a guy that uses the handle "Bruner James". Some people misread it as "Burning James".


Bunch of digital doodlings placed into one image for your LOLing pleasure.

Photography and more of my older art can be seen at deviantART.
(No longer updated)