A.k.a. Vehicles


Vehicles I currently own

Curently driving:

Big ol' beast:
1953 GMC 9700 HD '3 ton' with tilt grain box.
Engine swapped for a '55-'57 Chevy 235.
Up and running!

1978 Plymouth Arrow
with 1.6L engine, 4-speed manual transmission.
My Summer ride.
My first car and I restore it.

1989 GMC 1500 "Vandura" van
with 305 v8, 3-speed automatic, blue in color.
Use to be a camper van, but the previous owner replaced interior(claimed it was too heavy and not high enough to
use the stove compfortably), though it still has insulation and vents, making it possible to converted back to a camper.
For now, we use it more like a work/passenger van, as it is very usefull. Not too bad of fuel economy, either,
for an old v8. Though, I would still like to see what I can do to improve the usefullness and economy of the old van.
Either that, or get a truck or van from the '50s like I've been wanting to do, though this van would do otherwise.
I got that and a 4-speed auto with locking converter to put in the van!

1991 GMC S15 Jimmy 4x4
My "Cheap Jeep" and "Winter Beater".

Past vehicles I use to own

A 1991 Datsun D21 "Hardbody" truck
with 2.4L engine, 5-speed transmission
and "King Cab" body in dark blue paint.
It's the 'beater' I don't need to worry about scratching.

1988 Plymouth Reliant LE

Engine: 2.5 inline four. Transmission: 3-speed automatic.

I owned this car back in 2007. I was working on the Arrow, so I needed another car. I ended up finding this car for sale just down the street I lived on. I got it for five hundred bucks. It was a lot better than most of the other vehicles I was finding around the same price range, which mostly consisted of rusty Geo Metros.
I actualy liked the car(I dodn't get the reputation many people have given these old K cars). I did have a problem with a sensor, but that was a very easy fix. I bought a new sensor for $25, took the distributor cap off, unpluged and lifted out old sensor, pluged in and placed new sensor, and put distributor cap back on. No more problems!
I wasn't much for the auto transmition, but it was good for around the city.
When we moved, I had to choose between the Reliant or the Arrow(couldn't take both). I chose to keep the Arrow and gave the Reliant to my Aunt(she helped us move and was needing a car). She had a cooling system problem(though it still ran fine in spite of this?) and sold it to a friend. He fixed it up and then resold it. He told me it was still running like a top! Infact, I still see it driving around.


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